First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

First Czechoslovak Garden Club of America

February Meeting Cancelled

Next Meeting will be March 6

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Feature Article - Houby Day Festivities

2016 Garden Club Banquet

Getting Ready for the Big Event

2016 Photo Contest

Garden Pals and Pests

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2016 Flower and Garden Show

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Webmaster's Notes

This time of year is very busy for the Garden Club!  There is the Flower and Garden Show which just ended in September.  Then there is the Award Ceremony, picking of the Photo Contest Winner, and Jelly and Jamboree in October.  The Banquet is in November along with the selection of who will run the club the next year.  December's meeting has the Christmas party and Elections for next year.

And you thought a Gardener's work slows down in the Fall and Winter! 

The Board is also working on a long range plan for what activities the club will be involved in on a regular basis - and how we will pay for them.  As the plan is formulated I will post it on the website.  


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